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11 Aussie botanical artists you need to follow

Creative people who have plants down to a fine art.

The classic botanical illustration style is over 300 years old and it continues to inspire artists. Thereโ€™s something about it that communicates the inherent beauty, fragility and life of nature. And we think Australia showcases some of the best talent around. Definitely worth a follow.

Edith Rewa

Edith really knows how to bring out the colour of our native botanicals, especially set against a dark background.

Nicola Woodcock

With a focus on Australian native cut flowers, Nicolaโ€™s command of light in her work is impressive.

Angela Mckay

Angela champions colour in all its settings brilliantly โ€“ plants, women, beaches and summer.

John Pastoriza Pinol

When heโ€™s not painting black leather outfits, Johnโ€™s close-ups of fruit and flowers are bright and vibrant.

Candice Heart

Itโ€™s what Candice leaves out that makes her minimalist depictions so full of life.

Chris Chun

Now based in Chiang Mai, Chrisโ€™ orchid paintings communicate both the vibrancy and delicateness of these elegant flowers.

Kimmy Horgan

Big, bold and beautiful, Kimmyโ€™s work gets up close and personal with nature.

Hollie Kelley

With an illustrative style that focuses on the little things (sometimes literally), Hollieโ€™s work is endearing while tipping its hat to classic botanical illustration.

Elizabeth Barnettย 

If Elizabeth is painting scenes from her home, we want to move in. Lots of colour and books and cut flowers everywhere.

Carmen Hui

Delicate lines and incredible detail set Carmen’s work apart โ€“ we love the nostalgic Australiana thread that’s also woven through her work.

Chloe Joyceย 

No stranger to the Greener Spaces Better Places fam, Chloe was a guest illustrator at our first ever Plant Tales event, so of course, one of our faves!

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