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5 Australian plantcasts you can’t live without

Fill your ears with these leafy podcasts.

Podcasts are a terrific way to learn from the first-hand experiences of expert and amateur green thumbs alike, and there’s always something new to learn. Pop in some earbuds and listen to an episode next time you put your hands in the dirt.

The Hungry Gardener

Fab Capomolla is a good Italian boy from the Melbourne suburbs who only likes two things: food and gardening. His podcast celebrates gardening the Italian way and often features inspiring and passionate guests who share their own gardening mission.

The Gardening Show

Broadcast on Melbourne’s 3CR, you’ll hear presenters Gwen, Pam, AB and Millie (who make for an adorable gaggle) talk about anything and everything happening in their own gardens and in gardens around the country.

Gardening Australia

Hard to go past the mighty GA for solid advice suitable for all regions of Australia.

Brain on Nature

This unique podcast tells the story of how SBS journalist Sarah Allely used time spent in nature to remedy the long-term side effects of being hit by a car.

Home of Houseplants

Not everyone has space for a sprawling veggie patch. Host Jo Howski focuses specifically on indoor plants and always has an interesting guest to explore our favourite indoor babies.

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