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Holiday Reset: Where to Book in Australia for a Green Escape

While flights are limited, you can still feed your travel bug by booking a leafy holiday here in Australia. There are an array of stays that embrace nature and sustainability without compromising on relaxation or aesthetic: where you can soak in a hot tub with a forest view, bike through wild bush, and find a moment of pause to soak up the night stars under a canopy of tall trees. 

Time with plants is proven to boost your overall mood after all and everyone needs a break in nature now and then. 

Here’s four (gram-worthy) eco-stays to consider booking to reap a holiday reset (always consult local covid restrictions before travelling, of course). And if you can’t make it out, try these ideas to bring the benefits home to you.


Nightfall Lamington National Park – QLD

Image credit: Nightfall Camp

An hour from the Gold Coast you’ll find Nightfall camp in the heart of Lamington National Park rainforest. These luxury tents are surrounded by the rustle of tall trees and a nearby rippling creek. Appreciate the bush regeneration of native plants, soak up the landscape from a hot bath, and indulge in locally harvested organic cuisine.

In the meantime, to replicate a similar scene at home, run a hot bath, light a few candles, and surround yourself with as many plants as possible for a calming view. Try peace lilies or a fern.


Paperbark Camp, Jervis Bay – NSW

Image credit: @kirracheers via Paperbark Camp

With sustainability at the core of Paperbark Camp, this is the place to pack up ‘n head to if you’re looking for a bush experience with minimal impact on the environment. As standard, they provide solar powered tents, biodegradable cleaning products and mountain biking as an eco-friendly travel option. Filled with plenty of bush hikes and leafy walks, this is sure to give you the nature hit you’ve been craving. 

In the meantime, to embrace this natural and nature-filled lifestyle at home, try making your own plant-based products (try this one!) and visiting your local park more often. 


Jude Cabin – SA

Image credit: @rileys_travels via

Designed to bring the outdoors in, these cabins boast a light and warming environment surrounded by a village of trees. A place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you’d never guess it’s under half an hours drive from Adelaide’s CBD. With the purpose of having as little impact as possible, this eco-cabin is made from locally sourced timber, powered by solar, and has a rainwater catchment. 

In the meantime, bring the outdoors into your home by pairing back clutter, opening the windows for fresh oxygen, and introducing a handful of low maintenance statement plants, like a rubber tree or devil’s ivy.


Sal Salice – WA

Image credit: @jarradseng via Sal Salice

Nestled amongst the dunes of Cape Range National park, this eco-retreat sits amidst a rugged landscape of surrounding trees, a neighbouring reef, and the sounds of waves crashing on the beach as you sleep. In order not to disrupt the natural flora and fauna brimming within the area, the wilderness tents are built off the ground and connected by boardwalks. Enjoy organic bathroom products followed by a sleep in organic cotton sheets, then an early morning walk amongst the sand and the leaves.

In the meantime, bring a sandy tropical mood to you with indoor palms and a range of prickly cacti where the sun can reach them best.

Don’t want to wait until you’re away on holiday to get your nature fix? Easy. Learn about the simple science and bring the daily joy of plants into your home all day, every day.

Header image credit: James Ampong Quilario