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Stackwood – Fremantle, WA

This is what happens when minimalism meets horticulture.

Located in Western Australia’s Fremantle, Stackwood is engineered to be a one stop space for all creatives, plant-lovers and everyone in between.

What began as an old diesel warehouse has been transformed into a serious concrete jungle. With white brickwork, high ceilings and natural light seeping throughout the space, director and owner Sarah Bell said this is the “perfect environment for indoor plants”.


Sarah explained to us that the plants are what keeps things rolling at Stackwood due to the benefits that they provide:

Green things make people feel happier and calmer, they soften our raw industrial space, clean our air and they look beautiful.

What makes Stackwood so loved is its clear ability to shape-shift into whatever you want it to be: whether it be a concept store, workshop space or event venue, the old warehouse is iconic in its malleability.

The one constant, however, is the greenery. And there is plenty to go around. An edible garden with herbs aplenty, a nursery, a mezzanine garden and next to 50 glorious plants throughout the space including Green Dragon, Monstera, Ficus Lyrata and Benjimina. The stand-out, though, is a climbing Philodendron that Sarah refers to as the ‘show-stopper’.

With more and more people seeking out advice from these plant gurus on traditional skills and plant maintenance, Stackwood also offers workshops to those keen to get their hands dirty. With classes constantly selling out, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to feel true zen in a safe community hub, learning new tricks and… possibly falling in love with your new wedding venue? Hmm…time to check it out!

10 Stack St, Fremantle WA 6160

Image credit: Rae Fallon