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The Herb to Match your Kitchen Style

Herbs can transform an entire meal. A citrus-like bite to a creamy dish, an earthy tone to roasted vegetables, a sweetness to ease a tarty flavour. Herbs are also incredibly versatile, like people, so it pays to think about what herbs are most suited to your style and taste buds and get planting those first. Check out a few foodie personality types below and the herbs that match those best. 

The earthy one. 

Your house is an open home for friends and family. A place full of warmth and friendly faces. There’s always a moment worth popping the kettle on and you’re often found cooking up something soul-warming in the kitchen.

For those who love the oven, this is a goodie. Crush dried rosemary leaves and sprinkle lightly into sweet or savoury scones. Add to any and all roasted root vegetables, or spruce up a tray of chunky baked potato wedges. And most definitely add to a home-baked loaf of sourdough – drizzling in cold pressed olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the finish. 

Indecisive in the kitchen. 

Thought you were cooking Mexican but ended up with an Indian curry. Planned on tacos but switched it up last minute for Thai. Like coriander, you’re flexible with flavours. Wholesome and grounded at heart yet a bold refreshing kick to liven things up. 

From nachos to soup, to whole-wheat sandwiches and quinoa salads, this herb has got you covered. A bright pungent leaf that adds zest to earthy flavours and is delightfully decorative freshly chopped on top – or peeking professionally out of a home-made roll. Easy. Especially great with legumes, lime, all things curry, and that classic avo on toast we so dearly love. 

Lover of comfy carbs.

Likes a night that’s simple and straight to the point. Keen on a casual BBQ, comfort food, and some honest conversation – or sinking into the couch with a white sauce fettuccine for Netflix ‘n’ dill. 

Dill is the perfect twist to add to those creamy comfort dishes, offering a fresh citrus bite to a classic. Chop, sprinkle, and stir dill into potato salads, creamy linguine, or a coconut cream cauliflower soup. Its aniseed flavour cuts through carbs to lighten the starch up. It also pairs well with other like-minded flavours like pickles, lemon, and vinegar. If you’re looking to branch out, pair with cheese or a faux fish burger. 

Minimal and classic. 

Enjoys a good novel and a hearty laugh. In the kitchen you prefer a flexible recipe and space to socialise, rather than investing in a long-winded cooking event with multiple pots and pans all through the night. 

With the subtle taste of pepper, sweet basil is delicious served with an array of tapas, simple olive oil dishes, and all things tomato. Think toppings of pizzas (post-oven), freshly teared into roma red pastas, or bruised into a pesto with olive oil, garlic, lemon, and nuts. The basil-on-top, is the cherry-on-top, to a good Mediterranean or Italian classic. 

So, the next time you’re planning your grocery shop, oomph it up by miles with your home-grown herb of choice. You can purchase these from any local nursery, pop it in a pot, and place it on the windowsill. Check out the Plant Life Balance guide to growing your own windowsill garden.

Image credit: Karolina Grabowska at Unsplash