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Unmissable public gardens of the world

Keeping good Greener Spaces Better Places while abroad is important.

As anyone who’s been overseas knows, touristing is exhausting. All five senses are turned up to the max, soaking up absolutely every experience each destination has to offer. We wander endlessly through cities, cafes, museums, art galleries, shops and streets… but it’s the public parks that makes us the most content.

There are two reasons why: some public parks are incredible temples to nature, culture and history; and we just feel better with a little green time to relax and recuperate. Here are some of our faves.

Kew Gardens, London

London is not short on exceptional public gardens and we had a hard time leaving Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath off the list, but Kew Gardens is the blueprint botanical garden. Best known for its expansive glasshouse and the jungle within, the city treasure boasts a wide catalogue of international varietals and garden styles, as well as some delightful spots to sip a cup of tea.

Villa Borghese, Rome

The splendour of Rome’s Renaissance palaces rivals its iconic ancient history, and Villa Borghese was the most opulent of them all. Strolling the former palace grounds is a regular activity for Romans and tourists alike.

Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid

Known as El Retiro, this park acts as an eye-catching centrepiece for the more glamour part of Madrid. Close by the Museo Prado, El Retiro’s monuments and palaces sit quietly within the lush manicured gardens and lakes. Bring. Your. Camera.

Parque Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires

Much like others on this list, Parque Tres de Febrero promises an entrancing stroll, but it’s the Palermo Rose Garden that is the true gem here with over 18,000 roses to admire. Pruning season is July, and tourists are welcome to ask for cuttings and advice from the gardeners.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya

With origins as a botanical garden dating back as far as 1321, this garden showcases over 4000 plants from gardens across the former British Empire, including Kew Gardens. The boulevards of palm trees are really something. So are the monkeys.

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Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Central Park is an amazing place, but our hearts belong to Prospect Park. Home to the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Zoo and the Brooklyn Library and more, it’s a sprawling verdant wonderland where you can shed the grit and grind of the city.

Echo Park, Los Angeles

LA is a place of polarising opinions, but one visit to Echo Park could easily make you think “Wow I could actually live here”. It’s the greenest part of a concrete sprawl. Jump in a swan and go for a paddle in the Californian sunshine.

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

As the site of the former 1964 Summer Olympic Village, the city really wanted the athletes to have good Greener Spaces Better Places. The park comes alive with colour throughout the year thanks to some spectacular cherry blossoms, as well as the iconic Gingko trees that become wonderfully golden in autumn.

Gülhane Park, Istanbul

Gülhane Park is a stunning walled garden that combines extensive flower displays and centuries-old trees with tremendous Middle Eastern palace architecture, plus a few Roman touches. It’s also home to the Istanbul Tulip Festival every April. It’s a relatively unknown fact that tulips are not from Holland but actually from the Middle East. Tulip, afterall, is named so because it looks like a turban.

Lumpini Park, Bangkok

A eye-catching botanical precinct and the lungs of the city, Lumpini Park makes a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Southeast Asia. Just watch out for the monitor lizards, who roam like they own the joint.

Stanley Park, Vancouver

Positioned on an outcrop by the Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park offers a generous taste of the Pacific West’s natural splendour. It’s perimeter walking track boasts regular local activity, its aquarium is excellent and it even has a railway.

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